What We Do:

We anchor your life force with the higher vibration of Starlight Energies to accelerate your spiritual evolution.


We aim to be known as the world’s gateway to self-love and create a legacy of divine remembrance.

About The Founders:
starlight & Dan

Starlight is the medicine woman. Dan is the chief. A gentle, humble, and loving soul, starlight is here to bring healing to the people and the planet. A natural leader, Dan helps others to step into leadership in their own way and in their own time. Both starlight and Dan see the love and light that is our truth and are dedicated to helping us all remember and awaken the avatar within.

Starlight, with her light and sparkling energy, and Dan, with his earthy, bass-toned energy, are here to embody, personify, and give form to the male and female qualities of this earthly plane. They are here to teach us how to balance and integrate these two co-creating forces into our lives with the ease and grace of a true shaman. Starlight and Dan demonstrate that we are truly ONE.

Light and translucent, yet shiny and brilliant, starlight is gifted with clear insight, easily transitioning between two worlds, like Neo in the Matrix. The Winged Messenger, she hovers above the Earth, yet remains tethered like an air balloon just before lift off. Grounded by her life’s purpose, to bring Starlight Energy to Earth, she can lay in the earth, like a puzzle-piece, fitting perfectly to the Mother. A goddess of magic, starlight is a protector and a healer, of land, but especially of the sea. She helps to “shift the oceans within every hue-man soul,” and “guide people to find their inner treasure,” as seen by Elizabeth Harper of Sealed With Love.

Pregnant with possibility, starlight is a bridge between the stars and Earth. She calls you back to center and to realign with your astrological energy and gifts. Like a mirror, she reflects your light, allowing you to see who you REALLY ARE, and connect with your great I AM Presence.

While she creates, Dan serves as guardian, an anchor, and a vortex of light. He is able to integrate the light and the dark, like a Jedi Knight.

Through Dan, the Earthstars will manifest. Dan is a wielder of the elements, the animals, and sacred sound. Every word he speaks is a prayer. A powerful healer, he is able to navigate the shadow world, guiding others back into the light.

Dan creates, reveals, enlightens, and heals. Like a metronome, Dan is powerfully guided in rhythm and in divine and perfect timing. He is an alchemist and master of manifestation.

Guardian of the Earth, ancient knowledge, and those who bear the light, Dan facilitates the “anchoring of a positive vision for the planet so that we are not influenced by the doom and gloom predictions of those who are mesmerized by the dark forces,” as seen by Elizabeth Harper of Sealed With Love.

With instinct of the lion and eyesight of the eagle, Dan supports the growth of those in his energy field, cheering you to walk through fire and BE the light on the other side.

He is a visionary, ahead of his time, and serves as a bridge between the heart of Mother Earth and the hearts of Her walking souls. With the song of the whales, Dan sounds the voice of sea, the call to home within yourself.

As vessels, starlight and Dan are here to conduct the one orchestra, gathering those who wish to see and sing in harmony with the chorus of creation. They are dedicated to helping you express your divine gifts, follow your true heart’s desires, and reveal the Earthstar within.

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