The Power To Create
Something Beyond

The power to create something new begins with leaving the past behind to create space and allowing something new to surface and awaken within.

This is our purpose and why we are here at this timeto remember our soul’s purpose and bring our hearts’ vision to life.

Mother Earth is ascending to a higher vibration of love and light.

Our spiritual gifts and manifestation abilities have never been more available and effective for us to learn and use at a better time than now.

For thousands of years, we have created our lives and everything within them through the power of our minds.

It is now time for us to leave our egoic mind behind and enter into the unknown depths of our heart and soul.

It is now time for us to surrender and embrace our ascension process to allow our true purpose to unfold.

It is now time for us to heal the past and live free to be the powerful souls that we already are.

We all have the power and abilities to work in the flow, with the increasing vibration of the planet and the five elements to quickly and permanently heal all the energetic blocks. These blocks are stopping us from loving ourselves unconditionally, holding us back from our own personal truth and freedom, and preventing us from becoming the successful person we came to this Earth to be.

Your ability to create truly rewarding results and success that is deeply fulfilling at a soul level has never been greater.

The true secret to creating and manifesting at levels beyond your current circumstances is through soul healing.

Mystical Beginnings is your journey to awaken the healer within.

It is your journey to become a gateway to flow ancient healing energies through you as a vessel so you can heal yourself and others.

During this three day journey, you will accomplish the following:

  • Awaken your spiritual gifts and the healer within
  • Build confidence and become empowered in your healing abilities as you receive the guidance and validations you need to trust yourself and Spirit
  • Learn how to invoke and work with the five elements and use their power to increase results in your life
  • Learn about the chakra system and how to clearly identify which chakras are blocked in order to accurately focus on which ones need healing
  • Become a Certified Starlight Energy Healer with the ability to build a healing practice to serve others or apply your gifts to your current profession and watch it transform with flow and ease

Starlight Energies are ancient, ascended healing energies that are now returning to Earth. These energies accelerate the ascension process for all life on the planet.

Invoke these energies into healing yourself as well as helping to heal and transform the lives of others.

Mystical Beginnings Is For All Experience And Skill Levels


If you are just getting started on your healing journey, Starlight Energy Attunements will help you awaken your healing abilities and spiritual gifts. You will be able to immediately start doing energy work and accelerate your access to the love, freedom, and prosperity of your true heart’s desires.

If you wish to use your new healing abilities to help others as well, you will be able to start seeing clients and begin building your business and healing practice right away.

Experienced & Advanced

We honor and respect all modalities and healing systems as sacred, knowing each previous attunement and teacher that provided that attunement carries its own special and unique gifts and benefits.

The Starlight Energy Attunements you will receive during your Mystical Beginnings journey are a great, new addition to integrate into the existing energy work you provide and will allow you to expand your current practice and business.

Starlight Energies carry a unique vibration and special purpose that differs from your other healing modalities. We will teach you how and when to invoke and work with the vibration and frequencies from Starlight Energies.

Upon successful completion of your Mystical Beginnings journey, you will be a Certified Starlight Energy Healer.

Learn To Work With A Vibrational Power That Goes Beyond

As part of your Mystical Beginnings journey, you will receive three, unique energy attunements.

The first two attunements will raise your vibration, give you the ability to invoke and work with the power of the five elements, and access Starlight Energy in your healing work.

The third attunement, known as the Dragon Energy Attunement, comes as a very special gift from Mother Earth. During this special ceremony, you will journey in the spirit world and meet a real dragon that lives there. Once you connect with your dragon, he or she will give you special attunement, awakening your power and ability to flow their dragon energy through you as a vessel in your healing work and sessions.

Your dragon will stay with you from that moment forth as a new spirit guide to help you accelerate success in all areas of your life. Dragon energy is ancient. It is some of the most powerful energy you can flow and work with and there is nothing the power of dragon energy cannot overcome and conquer.

Your Dragon Is Waiting For You…
Are You Ready?

The power to create something beyond begins with leaving the past behind and creating a new beginning for your life.

Mystical Beginnings helps you awaken your power and ability to do this now–and for the rest of your life.

You already posses the ability to heal yourself and others.

Your time is now.

Awaken the greatest skill you will ever posses.

Awakening the healer within gives you access to your power and the ability to open infinite doors of unlimited possibility.

All you have to do is say, “YES” to the power of “DIVINE LOVE” and “THE STAR”, the “LIGHT THAT IS YOU”.

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