Find Your Internal Guidance System

Follow The Compass Of Your Heart

Arrive At Your Guaranteed Path To Success

Unfolding to more of what you want in life can be simpler and happen much more quickly than you think.

In fact, it can happen effortlessly if you know what to look for, while remaining grounded and clear.

Our Gateway To Self journey allows you to connect to the inner clarity and peace that already lives within you. You will understand how it feels to trust your inner voice and confidently move forward to identify the next steps in your life with courage to become your highest expression of success.

Gateway To Self is an eight-week journey in which you will connect to the power of the unseen world and tap into the energy of your chakras. You will permanently heal the hidden energetic blocks that are slowing or stopping you from seeing and knowing your personal truths.

If you are looking for a fun, creative, and spiritual approach to see and feel the next steps on your journey and to successfully move forward in your life, then you are in the perfect place.

Every Journey Needs A Guide.

The Itinerary For Your
Eight-Week Virtual Journey


Security: You will focus on achieving a greater sense of security in your life’s purpose.


Intuition: You will focus on learning to use your unique, internal guidance system and understanding your intuition.


Strength: You will focus on uncovering your hidden strengths and personal power.


Forgiveness: You will focus on forgiving your past and finding hidden blessings and purpose in your life.


Communication: You will focus on communicating your truth to yourself and others.


Insight: You will focus on your vision for your life from a place of clear insight.


Conscious Awareness: You will focus on the conscious awareness of who you are on a spiritual level.


Action: You will focus on putting all of the pieces of the puzzle of the previous weeks together and determine which actions to take next.

Your Eight-Week Virtual Journey Includes:

  • One live, intuitive call with your guide per week
  • One email with divine guidance from Spirit per week
  • Membership to our private Infinite Beginnings Online Community:
    • Connect with other Earthstars and build supportive, love-based relationships
    • Learn tools, practices, and exercises to help and guide you
    • Receive daily inspiration, communication, and guidance from Infinite Beginnings team members and certified instructors
  • One Starlight Energy Transmission per week

Starlight Energies are energies of the New Earth and 7th Dimension that are 100% love & light.

These energies are gifts waiting to open the “STAR,” the “LIGHT, THAT IS YOU.”

All you need to do is say “YES” to the power of “DIVINE LOVE” and the “STAR” that is “YOU

Our Remote Starlight Energy Transmissions make it super easy for you to participate and receive these energies.

The convenience of these energy transmissions is only bettered by their profound spiritual returns.

There is no location to which you need to travel. There is no phone call you need to dial into.
There is no webinar you need to stream or website you need to log into.

Starlight Energy transmissions are no ordinary transmissions
Here is what you can expect on an energetic level:


All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

Select the time and date you wish to receive your Starlight Energy Transmission from the available times listed in the drop downs in the Gateway To Self registration form below.

Then check your email shortly after registration to confirm your date and time.

Within your confirmation email, there will be a download titled, “A Guide To Your Starlight Energy Transmission”,

It is crucial and beneficial to review this guide at least 24 hours prior to when you will be receiving Starlight Energies.

This guide contains instructions on how to prepare and optimize your transmission, as well as a prayer to recite five minutes prior to your start time.

This prayer represents your conscious choice to open and receive Starlight Energies.

This guide has an abundance of other important information meant to be reviewed and followed closely.

On the day of your scheduled transmission, you will want to be in a quiet place, alone, with no distractions.

This is time to honor yourself, by yourself.

  • Make sure all electronics are turned off except soft meditation music, if you choose.
  • If so, make sure your music device is at least eleven feet away from you.
  • If you are using a cell phone, tablet, or computer, make sure all alarms and message notification sounds or vibrations are disabled.

During your scheduled time, Starlight — the creative creator and co-founder of Infinite Beginnings — will enter her sacred space. She will invoke her entourage of beings in the unseen world, each one in 100% love and light.

She will connect to energies from beyond the stars and the cosmic elementsof the Universe…
and to the very heartbeat of Mother Earth.

She will serve as a vessel and flow Starlight Energies to you through the invisible web of light, which connects us all.

Starlight Energies draw from the essential good — love and light — that permeates and vibrates
deep within.

You will receive these energies during your scheduled date and time. Starlight Energies will help clear your current energy field and release all that no longer serves you.

Creating new space within your field to allow room for new love, light, passion, hidden talents, and unique gifts that will reawaken within you.

All this will act in concert to reveal who you truly are and your divine purpose here on Earth.

As you begin to remember your true self, your life will be in sync with your divine soul’s purpose.

As you sync into the flow, all of your resistance will fade away and you will feel truly rewarded and fulfilled.

Congratulations, you can now create your success at the highest expression of yourself.

You participate right from the comfort of your OWN home — or location of your choice.


I’ve had the honor of working with Dan and Stephanie for almost half a year and the changes that have coincided with this period of my life are unparalleled. I have seen massive growth in my career, familial and intimate relationships, spiritual clarity and physical health. Coaching with Dan and Stephanie has been the most impactful mentoring/coaching experience of my life. Dan has been exceptional at encouraging self development through creating breakthroughs in whatever area of my life on which I choose to focus. His piercing insight is uncanny not on occasion, but regularly. At special times in life we meet people that we feel were born and meant to be doing what they are doing; I can’t think of a better way to describe Dan and Stephanie.
My personal interest and the area I commenced seeking guidance was in discovering my life’s work and passion. I have been working in a stable and rapidly tgrowing industry, with a high energy and respected company in a field that is interesting to me, competitive and service oriented. I had a perpetual inkling, however, that my true life’s work may lie elsewhere. My career called on many of my talents but I didn’t feel as if it was the vehicle for me to “change the world” or be the way I was going to “give back.”

From the first week I began work with Dan and Steph opportunities began to present themselves. It has been an almost surreal experience. I have developed my abilities to be more emotionally stable and spiritually aware. I have also created a higher income for myself and opened doors professionally that didn’t seem possible or realistic only a few months ago. I have grown more confident and manifested a supreme trust when it comes to making what use to be tough calls and decisions. A move to a different city that I have been seeking for over four years is now in the process and I have gained praise in my company and across several industries for work I’ve completed in the past several months. My quality of life has increased two fold. An obsession of mine is traveling. In the past six months I’ve had the opportunity to travel to over 10 cities in 3 countries- more than double the travel I typically am able to pursue. The impact on my close friends and family has been profound. The focus I’ve wielded and life changes I’ve made attracted the attention of those with whom I am close and prompted the question; “How are you doing this?” I’ve been able to more positively influence my personal relationships and share the insights and wisdom I’ve gained from my coaching sessions. To anyone considering coaching: Dan and Steph will absolutely assist you in any life change. Whether it be career, family, emotionally or spiritually inclined; they embody the full gambit of guidance support, insight and intuition that you could ever expect from coaching. I am so grateful for the experience and cannot speak highly enough of them. Keep doing what you do you two!


Christian Pusateri

Starlight and Dan are light workers who embrace the most genuine love for all humanity. My work with them has been expansive and revolutionary; beyond anything I have experienced before. Their hearts are filled with generosity of spirit and their purpose overflowing with wisdom. The inspirational messages they share come from the purest place, profoundly illuminating all those they touch. With so much pain in the world this perfect balance of creator and creation is made manifest in two worthy emissaries of Divine light. I know you will love them as I do. They will rock your world.


Elizabeth H

There are truly no words to describe the incredible healing power and the transformation Starlight  Energy has brought into my life. To be able to come in touch with my heart and Soul, returning to  the essence of who I really am, and live out my life purpose is one of the most powerful gifts I’ve been  given through Starlight Energy. The experience of magic and awakening is very real and has been a  guiding light in my life ever since.


Marina Shapiro

Starlight Energy has opened me up to my potentiality. It has facilitated my energetic body to unveil itself in 100% love and light so that I may fulfill my purpose here and now on earth. Since I began receiving Starlight Energy, I have experienced shifts in all areas of my life in an accelerated and aligned way. I am experiencing more joy, more clarity and am living my true heart’s manifestation. Starlight is one of the most powerful healers I have ever encountered. She lives in 100% alignment with her guidance and is a vehicle for ascension here and now. She facilitates energy to accelerate healing and realign intentionality in complete love and light. Absolutely everyone I know who has seen Stephanie is changed by her truth, radiance and energy. Danny is a force. He is powerful beyond imagination and is here as a warrior and Shaman to do his work on planet earth. He sees truth like no other and has zero tolerance for games, mediocrity, and anything other than living into your highest self. His devotion to his purpose is unwavering and his light undeniable.


Jennifer Helene

My work with Danny and Starlight occurred at a time in my evolution when I had a great need to work on upgrading my self-worth, let go of fear, and of the past that kept me crippled with excuses in moving forward. I was mired down in activity versus action that kept me from making any real transformational change and Danny was quick to call me out on this. He is the most intuitive awareness life coach on the planet, and I am not exaggerating one bit about this! His methods are straightforward and matter-of-fact; he doesn’t take excuses, and he means business. However, his heart is pure gold, filled with love, guided by spirit, and I knew his true desire for me was to be the best version I could be of myself. He saw in me, things I could not see for myself, and that was the cornerstone of our work; bringing me to a place where I gained that awareness and how I could get there – giving me the tools to do this transformational work.

Coupled with Danny’s expertise, our work was amplified with Starlight’s energy, adding an extra dimension in facilitating the healing and transformation ten fold, well more like a thousand-fold. The Starlight energy sessions gave me tremendous clarity in the issues Danny and I were discussing and working on, the answers, and awarenesses would suddenly appear, the action needed, and healing took place, as if by magic. Starlight’s work is based in divine spiritual love as well, and for the higher good, so with this star-studded UNIQUE duo – the sky’s the limit – IF you are willing to do the work!

One of the things, Danny taught me was, Intentional Sharing that cut the crap from my agenda and the tools of exchanging conversation with people based on who I am, and moving the conversation forward. No longer did I have the need to share all the details of my past in explaining myself. I now feel so self-assured of myself as a being and my purpose there is no need to gain acceptance of who I WAS – it is now Who I AM! My new vision board this year, is entitled, “I am Magic!”

I can assure you, I would have never gotten to a place of owning my magical self and putting myself and my artistic work out into the world without Danny and Starlight’s amazing gifts and expertise. My fairy art photography has reached new levels and heights and I have no doubt will far surpass anything I could remotely envision this year. I am an active and respected member of the most prestigious business women’s groups in the world and my work is now seen and shared internationally.

I keep this passage that Danny sent to me upon the onset of our work together, regarding my “story”:

Working with Danny and Starlight’s expertise and gifts, I am so thrilled to say that those things did in fact come to fruition. It feels so incredibly amazing to report that I made the choice to overcome that great adversity, face my fears, gain my identity, celebrate myself, and engage in those changes and transformation. I urge you to make that choice as well – as working with this team, you will get the gifts and guidance from their divine spiritual connection, you will find nowhere on this planet.


Sherry Frey

I am truly grateful for Infinite Beginnings. I was at a low point in my life where I felt alone, directionless, wounded, and unsure. I had a good career and was financially doing ok, but was suffering with personal relationships and genuinely was not happy. I started my own quest for spiritual connection by reading books and listening to audiotapes, but just wasn’t getting the results I had hoped for. I was stuck in a rut. I knew I wanted to live a happy and joyful life but just wasn’t sure how to get there. I also knew I needed some help and guidance outside of myself to achieve this.

Reaching out to Dan and Stephanie was hands down the best decision I have ever made. I started receiving weekly energy from Stephanie. Immediately, after the first session, I could feel old energies leave my body and was starting to heal past wounds. Each energy session was followed up with a phone conversation with Dan. Dan always made me feel safe and protected and his words were always on point and what I “needed” to hear. I always looked forward to my phone conversations with Dan and always felt at peace after our conversations.
Since I started working with Infinite Beginnings, I have now moved from Maryland to California and live only a block from the beach! I have an amazing career that I’m extremely passionate about and financially can afford the lifestyle I have always wanted! My personal relationships are better than ever and for the first time in my life I am in a loving and healthy relationship with a man! I am dating my best friend and couldn’t be happier!

Thank you Dan and Stephanie for helping me let go and flow, healing old wounds, living life with the eyes of spirit instead of ego, opening my heart and shining my light, and above all helping me to believe and have faith in myself and my Divine Creator. Beyond Grateful for Infinite Beginnings!


Nolyn Pascal

I’ve been working on a fair trade adventure for over a year and haven’t being able to take it to the next level, I had so many questions and didn’t know what route to take. I thought for several months about going back to the mountains to spend time with the group of women I been working with, but kept delaying it because didn’t want to spend the money I had saved in order to survive for next following months. I was lucky to meet Daniel, and I’ll never forget his words, “You need to go to the mountains, all the answers are up there and your money is going to run out anyways so you either do it now or later when you have nothing left” It was a harsh reality but I appreciate been the messenger of truth. I could not listen to that so I went home and prepared to leave.

Lots of things happen in between but all I can say is that the universe provided everything I needed in a record time for me to be able to go.

I risked all I had left in savings and I returned only to sell my stuff. I was offered the coordination of all artisans in fifteen Tarahumara indigenous communities, to do all the things I always dreamed of and the opportunity to continue my own business from there with a better perspective and understanding for it to work and succeed.

Thank you Daniel.


Sofia Batiz

How can a remote session work? I didn’t comprehend it, but I had met Dan in person. I recognized a soul teacher in him. He didn’t give advice. Instead, he will always allows you to find your own answers. He never asked you to follow him, instead he listens deeply and compassionately never trying to fix or judge you. He encourages you to heal yourself through self love and self acceptance. He sees the light in others and encourage it. He doesn’t close his eyes to the darkness. He understands it well because he has walked through the dark night of his own soul. He never pretends to have answers for the others but speaks of his own experience and invites you to share yours, to feel deeply. He teaches you as a teacher, never as a student. So I trusted him enough to try to do this. I didn’t know what to expect, I felt silly saying the suggested prayers alone in my house but you don’t need to have faith in gravity to know its force is operating on you, do you? It is a wonderful journey, it takes practices, you will need guidance and if you have the chance to have Dan as one of your guides please do seize the moment, feel the unconditional love he offers you.


Marta Rocamora Gonzalez

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